How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

Posted on June 30, 2016

How to write good descriptive essays? A tough question. Modern education is very specific nowadays, and the students are the first people who are testing it every day. The amount of different kinds of essay, term papers, dissertations and other interesting assignments from the educational institutes took over the educational programs of modern students.

Today we can see how people who are in study, get tested every week. But how? Old and kind tests, where you need to choose a correct answer from four offered are “passing out” day by day. Now universities and colleges exam their students with weekly essays. So, this article is written to show to all the students, who are in a strong need of help, how to write a descriptive essay. Thus, we will bring all the key staff about this or that type of essay and enumerate the tricks to achieve maximal result. Your task, reader, is to investigate the points and steps below as well as it is possible. Here we go!

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About a Person?

First of all, let us give a definition to a descriptive essay in order to understand how to write a descriptive essay about a person. Descriptive essay is one of the most difficult type of essay writing, when the author must fully reveal the topic’s ideas and thoughts and include in one’s paper a lot of “descriptive” information that would precisely show what you want to say. Thus, let us take a look to an example.

Example: Now imagine that you should write an essay about a very beautiful woman (here we would observe the female example, you may write about anything you want). She is about thirty, it is observable that she is in a good body shape, her hair is laying on her shoulders, and the sharp look of her eyes are always striving to find happiness. However, at the same time, you may see sadness in her eyes, since you may feel that she went through plenty of things, but she never lost her control and always was sturdy to the strikes of life. Now, this may seem as a general description, although we described a lot. However, what if you want to show the readers your admiration to this woman. How to achieve that? The best way is to describe the most exciting thing in her, try to find a unique aspect and describe it in detail. This is how you may fully show how you love or admire this person.

Surely, this was just the first trick of our “how to write a good descriptive essay” manual. Further on, we will talk about how to make the reader believe in what he reads from every angle and feel everything realistically. Let us observe two examples.

  • Example 1: I woke up after yesterday’s party.
  • Example 2: I opened my heavy eyes, seeing white roof above me. It was deadly quiet, but the sharp smell of alcohol strangely was cheering the body and mind. The laying hand of a blonde beauty was very cool. The fruit flavor in my mouth did not let me remember what has happened. The empty bottles of cherry and blueberry vodka were scattered around. It seems like yesterday’s party went well.

So, what is the difference between these two examples. First one tells us only about the fact, whereas the second one shows us the consequences with all the details. Now, let us underline the key things that we used in the second example to learn how to write descriptive essays:

  • The surrounding
  • Sounds
  • Smell and tastes
  • Senses (or touches)

Here were the main points of how to write a descriptive essay about a person. If you consider everything properly and try to use all the tricks, you have a very high chance to get a supreme quality descriptive essay. Just remember that there is no any necessity to leave unfinished some certain moments, or, on the contrary, overdo or overwrite something. In both cases your paper work could be not very good, control yourself and keep the balance always.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About a Place?

Are you often asked “how do you write a descriptive essay?” In the next chapter of our article, we will tell you how to write a descriptive essay about a place. The key approaching moments work here as well, you will just need to write about a place, not a person. Moreover, it does not matter what place you want to write about, anyway, any place can be described in detail, precise and with plenty of elements. Here we would like to bring some example as with the analogy of the party example above.

  • Example 1: We went through a forest.
  • Example 2: We entered the forest that was full of high and old trees, bushes, broken grass and wild mushrooms. The road was dirty and the sky could not be seemed because of the huge and long brunches of the trees. It was dark and quiet.

Here you can see the difference. In the first case, you tell the fact, in the second example you show how and what happen. However, to describe a place you will need to base on the other fundamentals. Only three things you must describe. Here they are:

  • What is under your feet?
  • What does surround you?
  • What is above you?

Consider this part of the article attentively and you will learn how to write a descriptive essay. Surely, you will feel some difficulties, while composing your paper project. It is a part of writing. Do not despair in such cases, since you may always turn to guides like this or to dictionaries and so on. We will not analyze such themes as “how to write a descriptive essay about a picture” or other similar things, since the principles you understood. Always investigate, observe and research; only after these measures start writing. This was the whole secret.

Arriving at the conclusion, we can tell you that if you are unsure about your academic level of preparedness and thing that it is better to hand your assignments to the professionals, then you may always buy essays online or get any kind of help from our essay writer service. Good luck!

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