How to Get Ideas for Blog Posts?

Posted on June 16, 2016

When you have your own blog or assist with running one, coming up with ideas for a blog post can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. Often, ideas do not come and bloggers worry about the success of their blog.

We have gathered the best tips for getting content ideas for blogs to help you enrich your blog today.

How to get ideas for blog post

Blog Post Ideas

Are you unsure of what to write on your blog? Finding ideas is easier than you think.

1. Keep an Inspirations Folder

You should keep a folder containing documents or spreadsheets that you can easily access to store your thoughts and ideas. Even if you do not want to use the idea right away, storing your inspirations all together will ensure none of your brilliant ideas are lost. Using an online storage system such as Dropbox is an excellent way to securely store any files.

2. Borrow Ideas

Sometimes we see an amazing blog post and we wish we had thought of it first. A great way to expand your blog and to find blog topics is subscribing to tools such as Feedly. This is a feed reader tool that subscribes you to all your favorite blogs and checks them daily for posts.

Don’t be afraid to borrow an existing idea, blog post topic, subjects to write about, or use of imagery. Just make sure you make it your own by giving your unique twist or personal examples. Stealing content is frowned up, so always avoid it.

3. Search the Web

Head straight for your search browser for how to come up with article ideas. The sheer wealth of information online is ready and waiting for you to discover it and use it on your blog.

A short list of the most favored sources for blog ideas are:

Another helpful tool for online searches is implementing the use of Google Keyword Planners. This is perfect for those searching for blog articles ideas. If you already have an idea saved in your inspirations folder, you can use the keyword planner to help you generate relevant and useful keywords and topics.

Not to mention, if you are writing about more complex subjects that require a longer, more complicated keyword, there is a tool you can use to help you. The search engine watch helps you pinpoint the actual intention of what the searcher is looking for. This gives you a bit more insight as to what your posts should include.

Personal Blog Post Ideas

Giving your blog the personal touch will create a better relationship between you and your readers. In order to find inspiration for personal article writing topic ideas, look no further than yourself.

That’s right, telling your side of the story will not only give readers insight to who you are, it will give your blog a personal touch. When readers feel connected with the author of the blog, they will be more likely to return again and again to read more.

This video will tell you how to find ideas using the Blog Post Topic Generator

How to get ideas for blog posts such as these include:

  • Sharing your learning process
  • Where you started and your personal journey
  • Any mistakes you made along the way and how they shaped you
  • Advice from an experienced individual in your field

Another great way to figure out how to find topics to write about in a personal sense is asking your audience. Creating the connection with your blog’s audience will show your followers that you care and want to listen to their suggestions and concerns. Maintain an active interaction in the following ways:

  • Writing prompts at the end of your posts
  • Answer questions by publishing a new post
  • Respond directly to your followers
  • Find out what your readers want
  • Implement the help of tools such as Quora. This is an excellent question and answer platform that will allow you to reach out to your readers.

Blog Post Ideas for Writers

If you have already established a blog, sometimes finding new ideas as a writer can be difficult. When you are in this situation, you can use a few tricks to keep the writing process going.

1. Closely Follow Trends

Keeping up to date with popular trends will keep your blog busy with traffic. A great way to do this is by searching these sources for those hot topics:

2. Expand on Popular Posts

Create new blog post titles by showcasing and expanding on the already popular posts on your blog. These posts are popular for a reason and expanding them further will only do your blog a favor.

3. Brainstorm with Others

Bouncing ideas of a friend will give you a new perspective and fresh ideas. You never know what another person will come up with.

In addition, you can use Open Site Explorer’s “Top Pages” to find the exact data you will need to see statistics for your link analysis.

4. Exercise Your Brain

Take time to keep your mind in great shape. This will allow it to function at its highest capabilities. Take a quick look at the Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine. It will change the way you look at blogging, for the better!

5. Write Guides

Writing step by step tutorials or guides in a specific niche tells your readers you are an expert in your subject matter. This will prove to your followers you know what you are talking about as well as give readers useful information.

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