Essay on Global Warming

Posted on November 27, 2017


Average temperature on the Earth increases constantly. First global warming became a discussed issue in 1950, and until now, it remains one of the most important issues about climate change. This process depends on some natural events, as well as on consequences of human activity. We will consider causes of global warming in more details below.

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming consists of a number of environmental issues. Generally, global warming is an increase of the temperature on the surface of the planet. This phenomenon affected different life forms and changed a lot of them. Now scientists distinguish two major groups of issues that cause this phenomenon: natural influences, and human influences.

Natural Causes

First of all, temperature of the Earth is determined by the natural rotation of the planet around the Sun. Our planet moves closer to the Sun, and its temperature increases proportionally to the distance between these two objects.

Another important issue is greenhouse gases, namely, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide. These gases keep the heat from the sun on the planet, preventing it from escaping to the space. Carbon dioxide is also released with every volcano eruption. All volcanos on earth release a lot of greenhouse gases. In turn, these gases hold the natural radiation of the sun on our planet.

Along with carbon dioxide, methane is another greenhouse gas. Moreover, this gas keeps 20 times more heat, and it is released probably everywhere. Landfills, cattle, mines are sources of huge amounts of methane. There are also natural sources, for example, natural gas fields.

Human Causes

Human causes of global warming are much more dangerous than natural ones, since people affect the environment in many ways. Modern lifestyle is based on such dangerous things. All kinds of industrial production, mining, and deforestation are just a few examples of human activities that lead to global warming, and enhance it.

Since the Industrial Revolution, we keep increasing the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used in all kinds of industrial production. Of course, first of all we think about cars and other transport that release carbon dioxide due to the work of engines. However, fossil fuel is used even in the production of mobile phones and other electronic products.

Another source of greenhouse gases is mining. Mining releases massive amounts of methane, but it’s not the only source of it. Cattle release some methane too, because cattle produce a lot of manure. Of course, there are smaller amounts of methane compared to mining, but this kind of production still plays its role.

One of the most important issues in the context of global warming is deforestation. We’ve been cutting trees through all our history, to produce paper and wood. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis, and it’s the way plants breathe. Due to deforestation, we have fewer trees, and so more carbon dioxide stays on the surface of the planet. Human breathing is opposite to photosynthesis, since with every breath we turn oxygen into carbon dioxide. Thus, deforestation along with a growth of human population leads to global warming, as well as industrial production.

Consequences of Global Warming

It takes hundreds years for greenhouse gases to leave the atmosphere. As for the effect of such a process, it is fast and very serious. First of all, polar caps are slowly melting. Global warming also affects the temperature of oceans. Warm air masses form new hurricanes and cyclones.

North Pole changes due to global warming. Ice caps melt due to the increase of the air temperature. In turn, sea levels rise, due to the melted water. According to data of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, if all polar ices melted today, sea level would raise more than on 230 feet. That means dangerous consequences for low zones, for example, the Netherlands. When all polar ices will melt, this territory will be completely buried underwater. Of course, we shouldn’t expect such events too soon, but sooner or later, this danger will become real.

Obviously, hurricanes often cause significant damage to people and to entire economic systems. Some hurricanes cause damage worth dozens of billions dollars, destroying houses, production plants, and service lines. Another negative impact of hurricanes is diseases that spread fast in conditions of natural disasters. Due to global warming, our planet suffers from more hurricanes, and more economies face the need to deal with their consequences. This fact is most important in 2017, when the USA have to cope with new hurricanes in different regions of the country.


We already know what we must do to stop global warming. Different governments must unite to implement new strategies. First of all, we have to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases emission to the atmosphere. We have to reduce the use of gasoline, and make new steps towards alternative sources of energy.

Now there are a lot of hybrid cars and electric cars that can not only reduce contribution of these gases, but also save owner’s money. Prices for oil grow, therefore pushing prices for gasoline up. If you don’t want to buy an electric car, you can use public transport, and so make your contribution in saving the planet.

Landfills are a disaster for the environment, and people all over the world produce a lot of garbage every day. The only way to decrease this negative impact is recycling. Plastic, glass and paper garbage can be recycled and used again. Every time we buy food, we can use personal containers instead of plastic bags. As for paper garbage, recycling paper, we hit two targets, reducing garbage and stopping deforestation at the same time.

We shouldn’t forget that every time we burn something, we release carbon dioxide. Burning plastic, we also release a lot of toxins that fill our atmosphere. We must stop burning garbage, investing in new technologies of recycling.


The earth is suffering from various disasters caused by human activity. We face problems caused by global warming all the time, but we must understand that we are also the reason for this process. Every year thousands of people die from hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. We must do everything we can, to stop negative impact on the environment, or at least, slow it down as much as possible.

Now we have a lot of promising technologies that allow us to reduce the use of gasoline and paper, and we have to invest in such technologies and introduce them in every sphere of our lives. Alternative fuels, such as electricity, biofuels or hydrogen can decrease the use of gasoline many times, and so stop greenhouse gas emissions.

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